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The director of the Théâtre de la Cité in Toulouse, Galin Stoev, directs the famous Russian playwright Anton Chekhov with a remarkable cast. His reading of the play highlights contemporary issues linked to the state of the planet and the human conflicts which ravage it. In our era marked by these great upheavals, Chekhov's melancholy smile resonates even more strongly.

Galin Stoev chooses to set Chekhov's play in the near future where, after the collapse of the system, more and more people leave the cities to reinvent a “living together” in the countryside. Except that here, creating a community quickly appears impossible. Fueled by their frustrations, the characters are overtaken by their destructive demons. So, everyone clings to the present moment and to the hope of passion to feel alive, if only for a moment... Behind this fervor hide their failed lives and an unbearable thirst for tenderness.

"Serebryakov, a retired professor, settles in the family estate, in the deep countryside, with his young wife, Elena. The estate which belonged to his first wife, deceased, is managed by Sonia, his daughter from this first wife. marriage, and by his uncle, Vanya. The latter lives in a state of disillusionment with the professor's mediocrity but also with his own wasted life. Moreover, he is desperately attracted by the beauty of Elena who, in turn, , is realizing the impasse she finds herself in by leaving the big city and finding herself in the middle of nowhere. The country doctor Astrov, Vanya's only friend, often comes to visit them. He doesn't either , is not insensitive to Elena's charms. Sonia, for her part, is secretly in love with Astrov, but she feels that in a competition with her young mother-in-law she has no chance."
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